Hayley Cotter, University of Massachusetts Amherst

SESSION ONE 9:05-10:20

Panel A: Swanson Room

Chair: Emilela Thomas-Adams, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Josefa Ros Velasco, Harvard University

Renaissance Spaces of Authority in the Video Game Assassin’s Creed

Tara Field, University of California, Santa Cruz

Miracles and Memory: Tracking Transformation in the Madonna dei Bagni


SESSION TWO 10:30-11:45

Panel B: Swanson Room

Chair: Prof. Evelyn Tribble, University of Connecticut

Chandler Steckbeck, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

“I would prefer him to a better place”:  Cordelia’s Creation of Place and Agency for Lear

Emma Simpson, University of Queensland

“Hermaphrodite in Show”: Women, Writing, and Romance in Lady Mary Wroth’s Urania

Kathryn Super, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Anne Dutton and Letters of Authority: The Role of Women in Early Modern Christianity


Panel C: Cheney Room

Chair: Prof. Brian Ogilvie, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Russ Gasdia, Yale University

German Book Culture and Changing Imperial Authority in the Thirty Years’ War: A Field Theoretic Approach

Gonzalo Carretero-Martínez, Boston University

Breaking the Medieval Molds: The Authority of Camila and Melibea


LUNCH 12:00-1:00



Prof. Christopher R. Kyle, Syracuse University

“Contested Politics on Papered Walls: The Visual Landscape of Early Modern England”



Panel D: Swanson Room

Chair: Prof. Monika Schmitter, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Constance Roberts, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Two-For-One: Isabella d’Este and Leonardo da Vinci in the Portrait of Isabella d’Este

Thomas Martis, Case Western Reserve University

Centering the Periphery: Angelos Akotantos and 15th-Century Cretan Icon Painting

Susan Naramore, Georgetown University

Setting the Stage: The Influence of Classical Design on Early Medici Politics


Panel E: Cheney Room

Chair: Prof. Amy Rodgers, Mount Holyoke College

Ashley Johnson, Stony Brook University

To such a tender ball as th’ eye confin’d: Disability and the Instability of Authority in Milton’s Samson Agonistes

Unjoo Oh, Sogang University

The Pawns’ Match: Space, Social Place and Historiography in Middleton’s A Game at Chess     

Nathan Pensky, Carnegie Mellon University

Authority and the Problem of Other Minds in Shakespeare’s Henriad


SESSION FOUR 3:45 – 5:00

Panel F: Swanson Room

Chair: Prof. Heidi Scott, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Jennifer Strtak, Yale University

Creating and Challenging Identity and Authority in Early Modern Rome: A Carriage Case Study

Jessica Sternbach, Temple University

Behold the Body: The Authority of Engraved Frontispieces and Title Pages from Early Modern Medical Books